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JOB 13:27 You fasten my feet in shackles; you keep close watch on all my paths by putting marks on the soles of my feet.Job begs to have his sins discovered to him. A true penitent is willing to know the worst of himself; and we should all desire to know what our transgressions are, that we may confess them, and guard against them for the future. Job complains sorrowfully of God’s severe dealings with him. Time does not wear out the guilt of sin. When God writes bitter things against us, his design is to make us bring forgotten sins to mind, and so to bring us to repent of them, as to break us off from them. Let young persons beware of indulging in sin. Even in this world they may so possess the sins of their youth, as to have months of sorrow for moments of pleasure. Their wisdom is to remember their Creator in their early days, that they may have assured hope, and sweet peace of conscience, as the solace of their declining years. Job also complains that his present mistakes are strictly noticed. So far from this, God deals not with us according to our deserts. This was the language of Job’s melancholy views. If God marks our steps, and narrowly examines our paths, in judgment, both body and soul feel his righteous vengeance. This will be the awful case of unbelievers, yet there is salvation devised, provided, and made known in Christ.Purpose:To locate, document, photograph, research and preserve any abandoned, neglected or not yet documented cemeteries, burial site  including,  slave cemeteries in Christian Co., Kentucky.Objective: Preservation, Document and to Educate the public, at large.  Local Culture.


Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Negro Spiritual;  Sung by; The Southern Four

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Source Citations:

http://www.slaveryimages.org, sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the University of Virginia Library.”

5 comments on “About This Project

  1. wonderful…music is so appropriate for for the pictures.and the pictures are incredible..it is so moving.and so sad…

    • Stacy says:

      Thank you Glenda. It is a sad situation but however there is hope. Projects like this are popping up around the country everyday. I pray the trend to preserve our local history continues to grow.
      Thanks for visiting!!

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Daphne,

      How wonderful. I would love to share information. Do you live in the area? How about we share phone numbers. My private email address is parrotsgrl@aol.com or you can reach me through facebook, there is a link to my page here on the site. hope to chat soon.
      Thank you

  2. Daphne says:

    Hello! My family descend from slaves in Christian County. Many are still in the area. It has been really difficult locating slave records or getting information. However, I have narrowed down possible slave owners. Thanks for the work that you are doing. I would love to share anything that I have that may help.

    • L M Mauro says:

      Hello, Stacy, Daphne, Glenda,

      My family were early settlers in KY when it still was part of VA, parts are which now include Boone, Gallatin and Cumberland counties. An interest in history led me to family history or genealogy, and early in my quest I was fortunate to find a sheriff’s sale inventory of my gggrandfather’s property after his death in Gallatin about 1854. Sheriff’s sale were common in those days to divide any assets not directly bequeathed. Among the household items and livestock, the inventory noted several slaves… I can still remember how my blood ran cold and the hairs on my arms stood up when I saw that word.

      I was born in the south and knew my ancestors were from slaveholding states, but all in my memory and stories about those who had passed led me to believe that they had been poor farmers and not men or property, so I never presumed that they might have been slaveholders. I was stunned to discover otherwise.

      My life has been blessed with many African American friends, some of them best friends, and now, through research, I’m uncovering indications that my ancestry may include African descent also! I’m happily looking forward to perhaps discovering long lost cousins and I’m also awaiting a DNA analysis of ehtnicity. The family lore mentioned above includes tales of Indian as well as African blood, particularly in my mother’s family.

      I will be honored if my ethnicity includes African heritage within the true melting pot of ancestry. I sincerely hope that if such is the case, I may indeed find some of my relatives. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to share the KY family name and location(s), including other states.


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